Unmasking the DIY Mask

Halloween is just around the corner and I have the perfect idea for those of you who need a last minute costume.

My sorority had a Masquerade-themed date function last Thursday. Originally I planned on buying a plain, plastic mask and thought I’d glue some feathers and gems on it.

Instead I decided to find more unique inspiration on Pinterest. I typed in “DIY mask” and after scrolling through the page I found the perfect mask.

Once again I was able to make this with supplies I had in my craft bin. The only item I needed to purchase was the tulle, which was only about $4. The other items needed were ribbon, fabric paint, tape and scissors.


The first step was printing out the template that the website provides. After that I placed the tulle over the template and traced it with the fabric paint. This is when I ran into some difficulty because I decided not to use Saran Wrap to hold the tulle in place. This caused the tulle to move around, making it more difficult to perfectly trace.

I had to let the paint dry overnight to make sure it did not get smudged. Then, I carefully cut out the mask and the eyeholes.

The last step was cutting and attaching the ribbon. Make sure that you cut the ribbon long enough to tie around your head. I used glue to attach the ribbon to the mask.

The mask ended up being a hit at the date function and everyone wanted to know how it was made. My mask definitely stood out among the crowd.


This Halloween if you’re still having trouble with coming up with a costume, keep this simple and unique idea in mind and “unmask” it yourself.

Get started and follow the detailed instructions at http://sprinklesinsprings.com/2011/10/chic-masquerade-diy-mask-template.html

Have a Pinteresting day!

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